Intro to Nature Walk

Nature Walk is a new iteration of both an idle game and a fitness tracking app. It gives the idle gamer a more physical and independent way to impact the world of an idle game and gives the Fitbit user a more visual and engrossing rewards system to encourage progress in their fitness goals.

Nature Walk encourages physical activity through the combination of your personal Fitbit/google fit fitness data and the progression system of an idle game. Players wear a Fitbit fitness tracker or use the built in google fit step counting ability of their phone to record their daily steps then use those steps as currency to create and customize animals that explore a virtual world. Animals accumulate more steps and multipliers as they traverse the map that allows the player to unlock new maps, animal types and upgrades each time they import their steps to the game.

Traditional idle games require a player to click to increase currency in the game and begin unlocking upgrades and progression. Even with the best progression systems and graphics, fatigue and boredom can creep in. By replacing clicking with walking or running, the player is able to gain more in-game resource and make productive and healthy use of their time. It adds a new level of engagement to the game when a player knows that their activity outside of the game will affect what happens the next time they log in to play. The game isn’t just running independently of their actions when they close the browser; Every time they chose to be more active and take more steps it affects their in game step count.

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