Meet the Team

Team Photo

Hello, everyone! It’s been a while. We at team Nature Walk have been hard at work though working to bring the game to life! I’ll post some artwork later for you all to see, but first I wanted to introduce the team. From left to right we have: Eric Shi our Lead Tester, Megan Muir our Lead Designer and the person who came up with the idea for Nature Walk, Theoren Mathias our Lead Producer, Duncan Smith our Lead Developer, Dan Cochran our Sound Designer and Artist Coordinator, Hesiquio (Hesi) Mendez our incredible Artist and Animator whose work is to come to you all very soon, and lastly there’s me, Matthew Freeman, the Social Media Coordinator and User Test Coordinator.

We are all in our final year at UC Santa Cruz working on this game as our capstone project in the Computer Science: Computer Game Design program. By next Monday (March 20th, 2017) We will be presenting the first playable version of Nature Walk in the USCS Game Lab on the third floor of the Jack Baskin Engineering building. We are all really excited to be working on this game and we really want you to be excited too! So, come test our game if you’re nearby, we would love to hear what you think. If you’re not nearby but would still like to test the game at some point you can send an email to and we will make sure to send you an invitation when the game is ready for a remote beta test.

Coming up next will be the short individual interviews I conducted with the team but expect much more content to come out in the coming weeks!

Until next time,

Team Nature Walk

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