Nature Walk 5/22/17 Patch 0.7

Hello, everyone!

If you’ve been following us on Twitter and Facebook, you’ll have seen that today is patch day for Nature Walk! We have lots of new art and music for you all to experience as well as a lot of changes to the user interface to hopefully make the game easier to play.

For those of you that have played before, be on the lookout for all of our seasonal backgrounds, events and animal portraits, we’re really happy with the work that our artists have done. On the UI front, we’ve made some of the animals easier to differentiate from in the beginning (very few 2’s this time around) as well as show you what the gains will be from leveling up your animals.

New players, don’t you worry if you feel overwhelmed by all of this cool new stuff, we have implemented a much better tutorial system for all of you to get up and running right away!

You can play the game here!


IMPORTANT NOTE: The link provided above is different than the last link we provided. We will be changing the link in the previous post, but don’t be alarmed if the URL is slightly different than you are used to.

Similar to the last post, we are still in a testing phase of the game so we would really appreciate any feedback that you can give us. You can use the “contact us” section of our homepage, or you can email us your feedback at We really love hearing from you!

We do have one warning for all players, however. Our web hosting service, during our rampant testing, has occasionally been running the game with outdated files which often contain bugs we’ve already patched. While this shouldn’t stop you from reporting the bugs, if the bug is game breaking please try and log in again in about 24 hours so our host can catch up.

We at Team Nature Walk thank you all for your continued support and wish you all a wonderful walk through nature.

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